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Struggling to find the motivation and consistency to go live?

Embrace the power of livestreaming and create a thriving community around your brand with our 5-week GO LIVE Challenge

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Join the Go Live Challenge

In this immersive program, we'll guide you through a series of actionable steps and expert insights to help you overcome any hesitation or excuses holding you back from going live. By the end of the challenge, you'll not only have mastered the art of livestreaming but also developed a consistent routine that builds trust, fosters engagement, and grows your community.

Why is going live so powerful

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This Challenge will help You

Gain confidence

As you progress through the 5-week journey, you'll gain confidence in your ability to connect with your viewers and deliver your message effectively.

Overcome hesitation and excuses

The challenge helps you break free from any barriers preventing you from going live on social media platforms.

Master the art of livestreaming

Through actionable steps and expert insights, you'll develop the skills and techniques needed to deliver engaging and impactful livestreams.

Understand Your audience interests

Discover techniques to uncover your target audience's interests and preferences, enabling you to tailor your content and topics to their needs.

Discipline leads to Habits.
Habits leads to Consistency.
Consistency leads to 

Join the Challenge. Get that Consistency.

We will provide you with the tools you need to succeed

Actionable Steps

Receive expert guidance and actionable steps each week to help you overcome obstacles and build a solid foundation for successful livestreaming.


We provide a structured framework, tasks, and a supportive community, ensuring participants stay accountable to their livestreaming goals and make consistent progress throughout the program.

Private Group

Gain exclusive access to our private community group, where you can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share your progress, seek guidance, and even collaborate on joint livestream sessions.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from ongoing support throughout the challenge as you navigate the ups and downs of your livestreaming journey, ensuring you never feel alone or stuck.

Don't miss our Next Challenge!
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