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You or someone you know, was experiencing a problem, and you created a product to attempt to solve it. It worked. Now you are thinking "I could help other people who are experiencing the same issue. This could be a business" You are right. Welcome to the world of "purpose-driven" entrepreneurs. In stage 1, all your focus will be on your product. That ONE product that solved your or someone else problem. But before you even start trying to produce and sell your product, you need to hurry and do all the basics registration needed to Jumpstart your business the right way, and avoid potential headaches in the future. So many times, I met other entrepreneurs who didn't secured their business name and needed to change it after a very long time using it (imagine!) Or they realized they needed to record all their expenses and separate from their personal bank account, at the end of the year. These will be very simple steps, but they will save you tons of time, money and headaches. Believe me! I skipped some of these steps when I started and I know the cost. I am here to save you from the same mistakes I made. I can't wait to see your amazing business grow - Once you finish this module, we can start working on the most exciting part of your business, YOUR PRODUCT! See you soon - Maïré

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